Caroline McLavy is a singer and artist from the UK. She has a passion for creating beautiful melodies that are also filled with energy and engaging vibes, making for a direct and forward-thinking feel. She managed to combine stunning melodies with infectious grooves and great beats, in order to create a catchy, yet direct and edgy sound.

Caroline made her debut in 2014, releasing her first album, “Electrostatic” to great acclaim from fans and critics alike. Ever since then, she went on to further develop his earnest blend of sophisticated Art-Pop and EDM grooves with a modern, punchy tone.

The album stood out as a huge step forward for her, and an incredibly opportunity to show off her one-of-a-kind concept and artistic vision. One of the most distinctive elements of Caroline’s music is definitely her uncanny ability to channel a wider range of influences. She can easily combine the beautiful and artistic electronic / new wave edge of acts such as Chvrches or Son Lux, with the mass appeal of stars like Blondie, Goldfrap, or The Killers, only to mention but a few. Caroline’s lyrics are also very personal and easy to relate to, matching her refined sonic aesthetics with powerful storytelling and songs that are actually powerful, in terms of how they connect with the audience.

This driven British artist works tirelessly to further define her art and create a very specific set of aesthetics for her tone and music. As a result, her releases are infused with personality and ooze charisma, making for a very distinctive feel. In addition to her passion for music, Caroline also explores many other interests, including technology, space, science, as well as fashion, art, history and nature, among others.

With such a great combination of next-level music production and amazing vocals, Caroline’s formula is an absolute win.