Begun in 89, NYC. Recorded "10 TON PRESSURE". Illegally. Released it in 90. Legally. Toured w/Nine Inch Nails, many others. Recorded "BURN OUT AT THE HYDROGEN BAR", Chicago Trax w/ Critter. Released it in 92 under the stylistic banner of "Machine Rock". Toured w/ SKREW, White Zombie, KMFDM, many others. Recorded "MAGNETIC FIELD REMIXES", Chicago Trax w/ Critter and Howie Beno. Released in 95. Recorded h3llb3nt with Eric Powell and Bryan Black. Recorded vocals with Vampire Rodents. Toured. Recorded "EAST SIDE MILITIA", Chicago Trax with Critter. William Tucker on guitar. Released it in 96. Toured w/ GWAR, 16 Volt, Acumen, Thought Industry and others. Band died in 97. Jared sang and toured w/ Pigface, 99. Moved to London. Recorded "COVERGIRL", Chicago w/ many guests Jim Coleman/Cop Shoot Cop, McNinch/Final Cut and that Atkins. Released it in 2000. Toured with Meg Lee Chin. Recorded "HARDCORE VANILLA" as h3llb3nt, again w/ Bryan Black, Eric Powell, PIG. Released it in 2002. Toured w/ Pigface. Reanimated Chemlab. Recorded "OXIDIZER", Chicago, w/ Jason Novak, Jamie Duffy, FJ, Greg Lucas. Released it in 04. Toured w/ Pigface. Released remixes "ROCK WHORE VS DANCE FLOOR" in 06. Toured w/ USSA, Skeleton Key. Recorded "the death of radio mars" w/ Mark Spybey as Altered Statesmen. UK, 06. Never released. Recorded "THE DARK AGE OF CONSENT" as Prude with Matt Caustic, Marc Plastic, Phil Infocollapse and guests. Jared Louche/Chemlab retrospective and rarities "FEAST OF BURNT RAM" as yet unreleased. Left the clutches of Invisible Records. Recording new Chemlab "MACHINE GOD DOWN" with Wade Alin, Plastic and Rocket. Tour. Record. Projects. Tour. Record.

More projects.
Fuck yes.