From the minds of Cryogenic Echelon, Studio-X & Aerodroma comes Avarice In Audio, a project driven by modern production techniques with melancholic lyrics and operatic vocals. At the helm of Avarice In Audio is Gerry Hawkins (Cryogenic Echelon), Jade Pegg (Acidtrixx) & Lawrie Bayldon (Studio-X). Together they deliver a melodic fusion of Synthpop & EDM, taking two different genres and delivering them in one beautiful and unapologetic package that crosses many boundaries.

Formed in early 2013 under a different name at a underground dark electronic show in Melbourne, Avarice In Audio worked on several different tracks and remixes, using the year to define their sound and perfect their craft. Working with some of EBM and Synthpop's talented bands, Avarice In Audio proved themselves to be hungry for success and poised to destroy.

As of 2014 the project has begun to evolve. After releasing a successful demo EP titled "Sleepwalking Societies" and a single featuring XP8 titled "Heartless Disaster" Jade & Gerry have been feverishly working on their debut album. At the helm of producing are Jade & Lawrie of Studio-X, with the lyrics almost entirely penned by Gerry.

Avarice In Audio are now signed to Alfa Matrix, and have just released the debut single "Frostbite" to critical acclaim. After enjoying several positive reviews for "Frostbite", the debut AIA album "Shine & Burn" was released in November on Alfa Matrix, to generally very positive reviews.

Afterwards, another 2 EPs were released from "Shine & Burn" called "The Cassandra Complex" and "Bleed As One" that was released in 2015 to critical acclaim

Avarice In Audio have presently finished their second album "Apollo & Dionysus" and are preparing its release