Auto-auto is a multi-art project from Gothenburg, Sweden. Born in 2004, the primary members of the project are Erik Frankel and Johan Hellqvist but they work together with various other talents to fulfill their visions. Among others, Philip Linné and Mattias Rost.

“Auto-auto is and will be a project which main purpose is to try to change and encourage change in your local community, thus from small changes ultimately making the world a better place for all of us to live in” (auto-auto manifesto)

The music they make range from a wide variety of electro and what could be called synthpop to darker EBM, hip-hop inspired beats, industrial themes and much more. They accompany much of their work and live performances with videoart and uncommon methods of getting their message through, often accompanied by dark humor and critical comments on world politics, religion and fashion ideals.