13th Planet Records is an artist-run, artist friendly label located deep in the heart of TexAss. An imprint of Megaforce Records (SoulFood in Europe), the label is distributed by Sony/RED (and AFM). 13th Planet is the brain-child of producer/musician Alien Jourgensen and his wife and partner, management guru Angelina Jourgensen.

The concept of 13th Planet is to provide an alternative universe to the one that exists inside the normal confines of the music business. All members of the label team work to create a haven for artists seeking independence and a focus on creativity. In other words - freedom from hampering industry standards. As this community continues to evolve, embracing other like-minded creators, the dynamic of an inspired collective is emerging.

Upon the label's launch in October of 2005 Al Jourgensen had already formulated a plan. 13th Planet would be home to a multi-release progression that would end with the dissolution of his main creation (and albatross), Ministry. Eventually putting this musical giant to sleep so that he could focus on other projects and duties was at the core of this concept. His roadmap also involved the resurrection of The Revolting Cocks after an almost ten year hiatus, as well as his side project with Dead Kennedy's front man, Jello Biafra - Lard, inactive for over half a decade.

Thus Ministry's Rio Grande Blood (2006), containing the Grammy nominated tracks "The Great Satan" and "Lieslieslies", and RevCo's Cocked And Loaded (2006), along with their partner remix albums, Rio Grande Dub (2007) and Cocktail Mixxx (2007) respectively, formed the basis of 13th Planet's output for the first two years of its existence.

During this time Al and Angie built the foundations of a unique and attractive alternative music mini-empire. This drew many talented wayward soles, disenchanted with the machinations of the mainstream and other so-called "indies" alike into their fold. Iconoclasts were intrigued, alliances were formed and pacts were made.

Readied for the next phase of activity, over the course of a few short months 13th Planet released Ministry's final studio album, The Last Sucker (2007). Followed by the first non-Al fronted release, Power Of The Damager (2007) from Tommy Victor's seminal powerhouse act Prong. Next came Fear Factory frontman Burton C. Bell's melodic and ethereal Ascension of the Watchers with Numinosum (2008). Rounding out the flurry of activity was Ministry's cover album, Cover Up (2008) containing the Grammy nominated cover of The Rolling Stones' "Under My Thumb".

The growing diversity of the acts and the quality of the releases continued with the cyber-electro band False Icons' God Complex (2008), led by famed keyboard stalwart John Bechdel and The Wicked Lake Soundtrack (2008), scored and compiled by Al himself as a frightful companion to the film.

During 2009 13th Planet released a new disc from Revolting Cocks, Sex-O Olympic-O (2009), a live Ministry CD, Adios Puta Madres (2009) containing the Grammy nominated track "Senor Peligro (Live)", and Double DVD, Adios Puta Madres (2009), a Prong remix CD (featuring tracks from Power Of The Damager), Power Of The Damn MiXXXer (2009), a Ministry remix CD (featuring tracks from The Last Sucker), The Last Dubber (2009) and a RevCo remix CD (featuring tracks from Sex-O Olympic-O), Sex-O MiXXX-O (2009). This is all in addition to Jourgensen's work in the studio preparing new material some of which was released upon the world at the end of the year in the form of the limited edition single by Al Jourgensen, "It's Always Christmas Time".

Then in 2010 13th Planet uped the ante again with the release of RevCo's Got Cock? (2010), the new Alien Jourgensen solo project single "Voices In My Head", the Ministry remix CD (featuring tracks from Houses Of The Molé), MiXXXes of the Molé (2010), Ministry's second cover album Undercover (2010) (in conjunction with Cleopatra) and finally the limited edition Alien Christmas (2010) single by Alien Jourgensen.

In 2011 the mayhem continues with RevCo's Got Mixxx! (2011) and much more to come.

As Al J. stated, "one of the reasons that I've put Ministry to bed is so I can devote a lot more time to producing material for my label and releasing a lot more stuff."

Label co-manager, Angie J. makes the 13th Planet mission clear. "We are building a multi-media community of unique artists from around the globe, representing a full-range of aesthetic vision. Everyone who is willing to contribute something positive is invited along."