0Kontrol was born between St. Petersburg and Brussels as an internet project. Vladimir 4.44, the leader of the post punk band “The Quinsy”, and Masha Kasha, a synthpop journalist and devotee, found out that they were sick of one-size-fits-all electro and decided to revive some oldschool electrowave.

The bands, that shaped their style include Front 242, Frontline Assembly, Dead When I Found Her, Decoded Feedback, The Cure, We Are Temporary, Qntal, Delerium, Garmarna and others.

Merging this various influences they created an own style called “atomwave”. “Atomwave” is defined through oldschool electrowave, multi-layered male and female vocals and lyrics in various languages inspired by scientific terms. The unique style creates a strange borderline between naive voice and evil expressions, energetic beats and psychedelic synths.

For the live set the duo has been joined by the Stanis1avsky on drums. Now the trio is playing concerts in Russia and Europe. The live concerts round up this fully electronic project with live instruments and some dark, grotesque performance.