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I Won't Look Back

It is 13/6 – 1994, and for the past two years I have been Down There With You, baby!    I have given you all the time and support I could while you  Whisper Your Poetry when you should be shouting it to the world. You keep refusing to hear my warnings and sometimes I Wanna Hate You.   We’re Losing Time, and you can’t seem to get it through your head We Need A Life we deserve a life.  We are not going to have it here; all we are going to have is torment and sorrow if we don’t get out of here.

Please Come Out Tonight and leave with me.  You must realize The Darkness End’s The Day, and we are no long safe here.  Time has run out for us to continue what we are doing. 

Leave with me now right now, and I promise  I Won’t Look Back.  They want me to stay, but I have tried and I know if I Try- I Die this time.  They are cunning and corrupt;  they will never let us have peace.  There is No Rest For The Wicked we must run and never return.

Zia Taylor’s Notes:  We all have choices we make each day that define who we are.  Seeking out the unknown is sometimes the best way to break out of the chains of the past.

Artist: Leæther Strip

Album: Legacy of Hate and Lust

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  Design and Context: © Music Eternal;Graphics: © Leæther Strip

  Design and Context: © Music Eternal;Graphics: © Leæther Strip


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