Ministry Mondays: Week 8

Artist: Ministry
Album: Remix Download
Genre(s): Industrial Rock, Industrial Metal, Electro-Industrial
Price: Free, a gift from the band (100% legal peer to peer download).

Ministry Mondays Week 8.
Week #8 Lesson Unlearned RemiXXX, lots of stuff in the works, you all saw a photo of me and an old friend catching up posted online recently and the reception was amazing. So, I'm getting back to work, you get back to the downloading. Leave comments on whatever format you download fuck off. Also, we're leaving the Ostrich story another's that fucking good. The paper back is out too... if your local book has it, post it here, Facebook, etc... so people can go buy it if they haven't. If it's just not there, get it online. Alright... I'm gettin back to work... you all can go fuck yourselves...

Ministry: The Lost Gospels of Al Jourgensen, it's being released on paperback and you can order it here,It comes out Sept 2nd...

Enjoy, share and make all your posts on our Facebook, Twitter and website ( Some of you are just you job too. Get the word out on these FREE downloads. We did our job of slaving over these remixxxes, so you help get the word out to your cult. Fair enough?

So, remember: 1. like my Alien Jourgensen and Ministry fan pages on Facebook AND hit up my Twitter @alfknjourgensen. 2. Send a link back to us from your website, social media or online magazines.

How easy was that...a new track gets released THIS Monday (along with some extras on the Pirate Bay... yes...THAT Pirate Bay) and will be released in the same order as on the album. If that weren't enough...we're gonna do the same with the Relapse remixxxes after From Beer to Eternity's are all done... so download away..

-Uncle Al


Lesson Unlearned (shake your space cakes RemiXXX)
Gospels Outtake (The Ostrich Story)

Download Site: Piratebay

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