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November 2018: Clan Of Xymox

Clan Of Xymox was brought forth life back in the 1980's and have been a vital part of shaping the darker side of music and the subculture that has emerged from their music. They have have many evolutions in their style and music from when they were known as only Xymox and back to Clan OF Xymox. Even with these changes they showed their superb skills and their love for the music they weaved into amazing melodies.

Since the release of their album Days Of Black, they have had mini tours throughout Europe. November marks their venture in performing through North America. Presenting their newer music and some of the songs that have snared people into their fan base.

In 2018 alone, Clan Of Xymox has already done so much. It is a level of work that has been very impressive for those that have kept track of them. It is this undying work ethic and love for what they do that has kept us in awe with them as musicians. We are honored to present Clan Of Xymox as Music Eternal's November 2018, Band Of The Month.

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  Design & Context: © Music Eternal; Graphics & Music: © Clan Of Xymox

  Design & Context: © Music Eternal; Graphics & Music: © Clan Of Xymox


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