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June 2018: Halo In Reverse

Halo In Reverse brings a flavor of Industrial Rock and Electro-Industrial that is of a rare breed. Rather than focusing on an aggressive beat that pounds the listener into submission, the songs hit the heart strings deep and never let go.

Elements in the songs created by Joshua Steffen are funneled into Halor In Reverse. These all meld into melodies that resonate in the ears and linger with their potent emotions. The style that Halo In Reverse presents in their music makes this a music act that is a gem among the many artists in the Industrial family of genres.

We have enjoyed each release by Halo In Reverse and are honored to present them as our June 2018, Band Of The Month.

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May 2018: Schultz
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July 2018: September Mourning
  Design & Context: © Music Eternal; Graphics & Music: © Halo In Reverse

  Design & Context: © Music Eternal; Graphics & Music: © Halo In Reverse


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