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November 2017: The Deadfly Esemble

The Deadfly Ensemble take their listeners on a unique journey in darker music. This direction is a potent mixture of Gothic Rock, Darkwave, Experimental, and a variation of Ethereal music. The journey is one that is distinct in its style and lingers in the minds and imaginations of their listeners.

The music that Deadfly Ensemble is a special gateway. It sheds light on music in their genres that has been around for the past three decades and fuses these into their own unique style that stands out from other musicians. It is this style that shows their passion in creativity and in what they do in music.

The unbridled direction that Deadfly Ensemble takes in the music is something that has entralled us in awe. It is this one aspect and many others that has us glad to present The Deadfly Ensemble as the November 2017 Band Of The Month for Music Eternal.

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