January 2015: Microwaved

The year 1999 will forever be a milestone year for Gabe Wilkinson as it was the year he created, Microwaved. As he continued to work with a variety of Punk and Metal bands over the course of the late 1990's and 2000's, it would be in Microwaved that he would forge his creative juices into a tempered style that showed his Industrial roots and his passion for other areas of the Electronic family of music.

A decade later, Gabe has shown no signs in slowing down.  The recent Microwaved release, Jesse, shows all of the passion he has for music and the wealth of experience he has from the countless hours in all the work he has devoted to music. We will have an in depth review of the new album in Two Cents.

The new album also marks another milestone in Microwaved in the addition of a new vocalist and guitarist. Gabe and the two new members, Jeffery Bolt and Rachel Stickley, can be met in their upcoming release party for Jesse this January 24th in Des Moines, Iowa.

Microwaved is one of the bands that started from an idea and evolved into a respected band with tons of good music. This vessel of Gabe's ideas has been one of the highlights in the roster that DSBP Records has and Jesse shows all that this impressive band has to offer the world. 2014 was a busy year for Microwaved, and 2015 already shows signs of being even more eventful.

Phantom Whisper (Ft. Ivan Russia) by Microwaved

Jesse Remixed by Microwaved

A Special Deal On The Full Discography Of Microwaved