December 2015: TONTTU

TONTTU brings a special combination of Industrial and Folk Metal for each and every listener. The music by this Finnish band has a special flair the shows the distinct style that has garnered them a high level of appeal from their growing fan base.

Another aspect to TONTTU that leaps out to the world is their personal war on gnomes. This presentation gives a purpose to their approach to metal and is a distinct way to tie the listener into the visuals of the band. It is this war that has led to a number of impressive themed songs and visuals that stand out on their respective album covers.

TONTTU has strived to give a lot in their visuals and their music to the music world. They have also been avid supporters of Music Eternal and all that we strive for in the music world. It is this working together that has given them a special value in the Music Eternal family and where they are forever a part of the music world that we are grateful for. It is all that they do that has shown their true undying love for their music and the music world as a whole. We are honored to present them as our December 2015, Band Of The Month.

Saatana On Tonttujen H***! (Feat. TFG (TONTTU)) by DJVersion666


GNOSTROGOTH (Gnalpha & Gnomega) by TONTTU