August 2015: MooD Trio

MooD Trio is an Italian trio that bring a variety in their music with some distinct style. Their music is diverse from each song and gives a selection of genres that contrast, yet gives a sampling of the depth of talent this trio has in music. Their music offers the empathy of Jazz, the vitality of Rock, and the elegance of Classical in a fluid form that is both stunning and beautiful in delivery. The contrasts of acoustic and Electronic is also found in their music as they use the full musical arsenal to give their listeners all that they can ever dream from one set of musicians.

These visionaries of music have strived to make music that was a reflection of their talents to their many fans. It is their love in music that translates to those that listen to their music and discover truly the many talents this Italian trio have. Their name, MooD Trio is a fitting name in how these three create a setting in their music that gives their listeners a special journey through the music filled with emotional and an atmosphere that is rare to find in music. We are honored to have this amazing collection of artists in the Music Eternal family and are proud to present them as our August 2015, Band Of The Month.

MooD Trio Are Jazz And So Much More

Footloose/Johnny Be Good Medley by MooD Trio

Stitched Up Heart Live Stream