September 2014: Hang Massive

Hang Massive is the dynamic duo of Danny Cudd and Markus Johansson. They have traveled the world sharing their music to all that are willing to pause and see them perform. They play in any location and at times where people can savor the melodies that emanate from their UFO metallic drums. It is their love for their music and in sharing the beauty of music that has compelled them to travel throughout the world.

The nomadic nature of Hang Massive has gained them global visibility and a fan base that is devoted to their mission in playing music to those in the world that it touches. It is this level of devotion that they have given that defines their music and their course in life. This kind of devotion is rare in any industry and it is their selfless exploration of the world that has earned them the respect from people in all walks of life. We are honored to present them as the September 2014 Band Of The Month for Music Eternal!

Warmth Of The Sun's Rays by Hang Massive

The Secret Kissing Of The Sun And Moon by Hang Massive

Luminous Emptiness by Hang Massive