June 2014: ZTTK

ZTTK has been one of the bands that has symbolized what can happen when you bring the best of Mexico and combine it with elements of the United States. This band may be headquartered out of Mexico, but they have shown that there is no country or boundary that will limit their fan base. This has them gain popularity in North America, South America, and Europe.

Taking a page out of the Electronic world, ZTTK has had a number of their songs remixed by other great bands in this genre of music. They have also shown a stellar quality in their graphics, floor shows, and in how they present themselves as an icon of the more aggressive end of the Electronic music spectrum. There has been no challenge that this band hasn't overcome and their ambition to make the best in the music world shows in each song they compose.

The accomplishments of ZTTK have been impressive to those that have looked into their accolades. For some this can be a challenge, as the band is not one to boast of themselves, but there are many that have been doing that for them in the past. This positive image by critics, reviewers of music, and their fans has helped them focus more on developing their band further and creating the music that has helped developed a growing fan base for ZTTK. It is this determination and the ability to create support in those that love their style of music that has shown why they are the June Band Of The Month for Music Eternal.

Genetic by ZTTK

Paraiso Nuclear by ZTTK

Eternidad by ZTTK