August 2014: Ministry

There are many bands that can lay claim to having an impact in their respective genres, but there are few that have made both an impact a crater in their genres and the music world as a whole. The six time Grammy nominated Industrial juggernaut that is known as Ministry is one of the band that can lay this claim over the past three decades. Ministry has been the main hot rod in music that Al Jourgensen has driven in giving music that not only defined Industrial music, but also impacted a large number of other acts that have had various levels of dominance in the music world.

Ministry may have been the main tool that Al has had in presenting his music, but it isn't the only one in his long array of projects. Through the course of the past three decades, Al has used Ministry and his many other projects to draw in other artists from bands like Cheap Trick, Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, R.E.M., Soulfly, and many others in being parts of the machine that he always makes to temper the music within his mind as it takes shape into music that has shown aggression, emotion, and a style that never dies. It is his genius in direction that has influenced legions of fans worldwide and hundreds of other artists. If the music industry is one big family, then Al is the uncle that everyone wants to hear for what he weaves in his creative visions and the unique direction his music projects.

As with all great things, the Ministry mastermind would face a number of personal challenges. The first was the many vises that surface in the fast paced world of music. Each of these he would overcome, drugs (with the support of family and a steel conviction); the loss of his closest friend and band mate, Mike Scaccia; and as of the beginning of 2014, his battle with alcohol. Many artists have faced these types of challenges and succumbed to the extinction that comes with time. Al Jourgensen has shown that even when he is on the mend that in him music never dies. It is this that has made him an artist that has gained the respect of his industry, that admiration of those that he has inspired, and the gratitude in who he is by those that are lucky to call him their friend.

Al Jourgensen has always been ahead of the curve in his ideas and Ministry is one of the symbols of his ideas, direction, and mastery as a musician. For the rest of 2014, "Uncle" Al has some special gifts to his fans on his site and we will be showing you how you can get these gifts here on Music Eternal.

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