January 2013: Nox Interna

Nox Interna is a Spanish band that now calls its home Germany, but they are keen enough to know not to sever ties with their motherland. To make a change of location like that is daunting to anyone, and for a band it can be a lethal leap of faith. The band has faith in their heart, Richy Nox, and in their many fans to make this band be one of the ages.

Their passion, their devotion, and their incredible music has made them one of the high notes of Music Eternal and part our family that shows that any dream can come true if you have the conviction to see that dream a reality. Richy has had a journey worthy of a movie and his course in Nox Interna has just begun. We are grateful they are part of our family and are grateful that we can share they talent through music with all of you. We present to you the January 2013 Band Of The Month, Nox Interna!


Parasites by Nox Interna

Eternidad by Nox Interna

Kill Yourself (And Be Reborn) by Nox Interna