July 2011: Bruderschaft

Bruderschaft is a band that was created under circumstances that are almost mythical. Traditionally, a band is the merging of creative artists to make something unique with a dream in mind. Bruderschaft is similar, but not like most that are made by those aspiring to have their voice heard for the first time. Bruderschaft was formed from a group of experienced artists to give voice to an inspiration that would never speak on its own again.

Rexx Arkana was a DJ in New York City that had lost his father to apathetic cancer. Inspired, Rexx created one song called Forever. Through this one song he was able to express his loss and his love for his father.

After a good deal of work he found others that were able to see his vision with Bruderschaft. These musicians were Ronan Harris, Sebastian Komor, Joakim Montelius, and Stephen Groth. With their help his dream became reality, while other bands made various remixes of this song. With the efforts of many, the inspiration from his father would live on.

To add to this dream, the money made from this one song went to charity for cancer. One life lost has possibly saved countless others.

For these reasons alone, having Bruderschaft as Band Of The Month is a huge honor.


Return (Mesh Mix) by Bruderschaft

Return (Mesh Mix) by Bruderschaft