Interview With Mike Hoffman Of Level 2.0


       Is there plans on a new album being released?

   Well I am releasing a short EP titled "Subsphere" very soon.


       When do you have it plan on having it come out?

   February 16th (probably)


       How would you describe this upcoming album and how it will sound?

   It will be a 3-5 track mini EP.

These songs have evolved musically from the last album. I say that with each release every year. Except this time, it is the most drastic change from any past Level 2.0 releases. One thing Level 2.0 is known for is keeping a consistent style.

With Subsphere, There is more of a more modern EBM/EDM sound that may catch the interests of fans that like breakbeats. Also, with this release I tried out some of my new music apps. One being "Glitchbreaks" by Alex Matheu. I recommend this music app to any iPad musicians out there.


       The band began in New York City and now is in Florida. How did this move impact Level 2.0?

   I played once in Tampa since moving down here 2 years ago. The crowd was good.

It's unfair to try and compare it to the NY atmosphere. Or better yet, on Long Island where my friends who were even outside the scene would always show support. So I may be giving a more biased answer to that because of my love for Long Island and my friends who always showed their support. Also, The one thing about a NY crowd is. They let bands know if they are impressed or not. And when they are impressed and interested. You feed off their contagious energy. And luckily we always received a great response from the NY scene.

Musically since relocating I have updated my studio in my new house in Wildwood, FL. It's just as good of a setup then what I had back on Long Island. I also have upgraded to a mobile studio on my iPad so i can make music more on the fly and when I'm away from studio.

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