Interview: Kris Vlad of Vlad In Tears

 What plans does Vlad In Tears have in store for the rest of this year and next year?

  So many things to do from now on...but you really have to wait to know that, cause it's all working in progress...hehehe

 If your fans wanted to send you messages, is there a place that they can do this?

  Sure there's is...sometimes I speak with some of my fans on the web...if somebody wants to speak with me or with the others the best way is still to come to our gigs and wait to be lucky and come into our backstage...

 Thank you guys. I love your music and hope we can do this again soon.

  Thank you for's been a pleasure. Bloody bites to all of you...

Dead by Vlad In Tears

Dead Stories Of Forsaken Lovers by Vlad In Tears

Sorrow by Vlad In Tears