Interview: Jack Whitaker of Scarlet Harmonies

Where is the best place for people to sample Scarlet Harmonies’ Symbiotic Nightmare?

There are multiple places:

The best way to hear Scarlet Harmonies as new songs are released is my soundcloud page, as it is the first place I upload to, you can head to to check out my soundcloud

To keep updated on what Scarlet Harmonies is doing and to hear about songs before their release you can like my facebook page:

To see how songs begin, to see me ramble, and for other various things, my youtube link is

To keep updated on personal things and musical things, my official facebook page is

And to stay generally updated on Scarlet Harmonies, check out the bio, and various other useful things that follow, my website is

If people like the music, where can they go to buy it?

Currently I do not have a method of purchasing my music, but it is coming very soon (likely within the week to the next month), but I do accept donations, for information on that you can send an email to until I have an outlet to sell, I'll be trying to get Symbiotic Nightmare on iTunes, Beatport, and other places as well.

What advice would you have for other artists out there that are struggling to develop their music, their persona for their band, or that are just trying to be known for the music that they have labored over?

Stop saying "I wish", and start saying "I will", if you want to get signed, look for people involved with the label you would like to hear you until you find them, just set aside everything you're doing right now and DO IT, you have to have that motivation, or you will stay stagnant on your current position, to develop further in your music it is all about putting in countless hours, I have 12 years stacked up of being a musician, so roughly I have 4-8 years of time actually spent MAKING my noise, those 4-8 years worth of knowledge still is nothing compared to what I may learn in the future, it's all about using your time to work on it, and build up your sound, to redefine what you truly feel you are, and to pave the way for the sound you truly want to create.

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