Interview: Jack Whitaker of Scarlet Harmonies

As for Hunter, it was the first song I wrote after the experience I had with a great friend pulling me out of my slump, its a song about me not giving up, and always hunting my dreams down, no matter what paths I will have to take or what walls I may have to break through to get there, it's a song about never giving up on your dreams, and though sorrow may weigh down on you in your darkest days, if you keep your goals and ideas alive and in your sight, then you can push through any obstacle you will ever face. Writing this song reminded me of what I was pushing for the whole time.

Is there a meaning behind the name of the album, Symbiotic Nightmare?

Well, actually it's about the girl Till Death You And I is about, when she left I had nightmares, I felt like I needed her by my side for those nightmares to subside, like she was my own little symbiont, we both benefited from each other throughout our course together, and we did both need each other at one time, and the metaphor is basically "I need you for these nightmares to subside", though that is all in the past, and I have since became a very happy individual, I felt like I should still run with the name for Symbiotic Nightmare because that time played an important roll in my life, and this album is playing an insanely important roll in my life right now, because I feel like this album will be my gateway to getting my dreams on the right track, headed in the right direction.

Do you have any additional plans for Scarlet Harmonies after the release of this album Symbiotic Nightmare?

Well, I'd like to be able to fund for live shows, if that is the case, I want to be doing a few shows a week locally or touring in the US for a couple months at a time, maybe stopping by Canada if I could truly pull that off in that time frame, but if I can't get that pulled off in that time frame, then I will instantly start writing the concept for the next album, but since Symbiotic Nightmare seems to be where my exposure is starting, I don't believe I'll release any songs from that album until I am at least half way through the writing process, so I can sort of surprise everyone, but currently I am actually going to do something BEFORE Symbiotic Nightmare is fully released, I will actually be releasing a FREE 4 track EP with a never before heard song will be on Symbiotic Nightmare, and the EP will be titled "The Prelude, vol 1", I'll be releasing it for promotional reasons, it'll be available digitally and for free on disc if you're local to me, it will have 3 songs from Symbiotic Nightmare, Hunter, the song I'm currently wrapping up that I can't yet release details about, and a song no one has heard and will not hear until they pick up the EP, as well as a remix of one of the songs from Symbiotic Nightmare, that song hasn't been chosen yet, but I do have remixes of every song from Symbiotic Nightmare that is finished started already.

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