Interview: Jack Whitaker of Scarlet Harmonies

Scarlet Harmonies has a new album, Symbiotic Nightmare,  slated to come out.  What would you hope that people can take from the 15 tracks that it contains?

A lot of things actually, so this could be a long one, buckle in. I would like for people to pick it up and pay close attention and hear things that didn't hear in each song before, I want a lot of ear candy work to be shown through when you hear it multiple times, like Celldwellers song The Seven Sisters, I never once heard the higher synth pattern after the main verse until the 6th time listening to the song, which nearly stunned me when I paid close attention to how beautiful the pattern was that I had never paid attention to.

I would also like for people to pick up an influence, from a struggling artists persona, I know exactly what it's like to have a dream and it going nowhere, and I hope people can hear that motivation that I finally got throughout the writing process of the album to continue to strive for my dreams harder and harder, like with this interview, I would had never gotten this interview if I had not been promoting one late night at 4am after being awake for 20 hours building up my websites, writing press releases, and trying to get a hold of FiXT, it never would of been finished without a true friend giving me the strength to push on, and I hope that to someone, I could be that artist that gives them the strength to push on like celldwellers music did to me, though a good personal friend gave me that final push out of that struggle to get me off my ass and onto my feet, Celldweller kept that idea in my mind that I will make it one way or another if I work my ass off. I see it as I have enough time to sleep when I'm dead, I should be working at this every waking moment, and having a job to pay my bills sets me back on that, but I will have to work physically to be able to make this life what I can survive off of in the end, so what's the nitty gritty when my future is full of flashing lights and great times if I put my mind to it? With enough will power, you can push through anything, with enough faith that your work will shine through, you can keep the mentality to work, with the consistency in working at what you want and not quitting trying your best, you can get heard or noticed, and with enough hard work, you can meet the right people that can start you on your goals, like I am with Adam Herdman with this Scarlet Harmonies/Bullet Of Reason collab that is coming up, I have worked my ass off all month nonstop at getting back on the path I had started in my old band with my new direction and honed sound, because I know if I prove that I really deserve this, it will come, and what really got me to that point was one thing that I will hold close to my heart, and that is this: Stop Saying "I Wish", and start saying "I Will", I know that with enough work I WILL lead the life I want to, there may be some bumps in the road, but if I work my ass off, those "wishes" I had WILL become the reality I had envisioned, as long as I never slow down, and always keep my bars up!

Were there any songs on Symbiotic Nightmare that have special meaning to you?

Every single song has a special meaning to me, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, but there are a few that share more meaning than others because I stepped out of my classic niche of writing, the songs that I have finished that stand out the most are Till Death, You and I" and "Hunter", Till Death, You and I holds a very very important part in my life, the song is about my first love, though she and I may not be together right now, and I may never have another chance with her again, I know that she will always be that one that played the biggest roll in me growing up and becoming a man, she tore me down and opened my shell, exposed me to feelings I couldn't fathom even existed until they became real, she showed me what it was like to dream, what it was like to love, and what it was like to show true compassion, I fell head over heels, and though she may be gone now physically, she will never ever leave my mind and my heart, and the song is about that, her memory will last until death, the day I met her will rest in my mind eternally, and that song I completely poured my heart into.

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