Interview: Jack Whitaker of Scarlet Harmonies

Another thing that truly made it hard was keeping my head up after every failed attempt I've had when working with others, that wasn't fun at all, but the single hardest part I think that has kept me at wits end is being a strictly studio musician until I can finally afford the equipment to play live shows with a buddy of mine, currently being a few months from 19 and only having my first job for 12 weeks now, I've not got a bit of money saved up, and I've come from a family where money has always been scarce, so I have to save up for a vehicle before I can even start saving up to finish building my own studio, and THEN live show equipment can be what I focus on buying after that. Those are definitely the hardest struggles I have faced in what I do, but I've done nothing but keep my head up and work every waking hour at doing something with this, and hopefully after a short time frame I might get signed and be able to better pay for what I need to to get to play live for you all as Scarlet Harmonies, instead of just a DJ.

With a combination of metal and electronic in your music, each genre has a set of instruments that typically dominate the music atmosphere. Metal is traditionally the drums, electronic guitar, or electronic bass; electronic can be diverse in that it can be a synth, a computer, or even the mixing of samples. Have any of these had an impact in your music? (If so, how does it differ from the bands that are out there in the music world today?)

Truthfully, I don't actually think they have had a huge impact, other than I feel like my songs always begin by finding a good synth lead pattern or making a new arp to guide me into the metal side of the music, I typically spend hours finding a good sound for a synth lead, then I begin writing the patterns, then basic drum patterns to go with it, and then after drums comes guitar, then I revamp my drums to fit everything better before I start adding my FX and Ear Candy, but typically my drum patterns follow a blend of dubstep's "two step" beats and posthardcore breakdown beats are actually my main beats throughout my choruses, typically the cymbals and snare drive my choruses more than the kick drum does like in typical metal music, I generally use a 4/4 style with my drums while writing in other rhythms for my synth's, and playing guitar along to the root notes of those synth sounds. I personally feel like the only limitations my music has when it comes to each genre I use is whatever limit I decide to set or surpass, like dubstep, I look as my dubstep stuff to have the same beats on drums but everything else being completely defining the sound and the drums just giving them a little bit of body, where as when I go all out on metal I find my drums to lead my guitar patterns, and my synth leads always lead my guitar patterns, I have always been one for writing the drums AFTER writing everything else, because once you have a drum pattern set in stone, you're restricted to that drum pattern in terms of how your guitar or synth patterns can go. Also, I do NOT use samples for my electronic sounds, I have always been against using paid for synth leads or bass lines, I've always made every synth rhythm or bassline or anything electronic you'll hear myself with my software, the only samples you will hear are ones I've recorded myself from home by hitting things like buckets with drumsticks or punching speed limit signs.

If you could have the ideal tour with bands out there today, what bands would you like to see in this tour with Scarlet Harmonies?

Well, I'll go with a 6 band set, obviously I would pick Celldweller to headline it, because he is my metaphorical leader, though him and I are completely seperate sounds, he has played the biggest influence in my actions and sound, so Celldweller Live Show would headline, I would play just before him, Etienne Sin would play just before me, The Blood Brothers would play before Etienne (They broke up years ago though, so if Johnny Whitney would play the show in his new band Jaguar Love, I'd be content), Bare Noize would play before The Blood Brothers or Jaguar Love because he has a ton of metal and rock influence in his dubstep music, and Attack Attack! would open the show.

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