Interview: Jack Whitaker of Scarlet Harmonies

Musically in Scarlet Harmonies, Celldweller, and Bret Autrey (Blue Stahli) have definitely given me a lot of influence, as well as the bands Motionless In White, Marilyn Manson, Tool, and A Perfect Circle, I'll go down the line explaining this side of the question, musically Celldweller influenced me the most because of how seemlessly he blends electronic genres with rock, songs like Blackstar, Tough Guy, The Seven Sisters, Symbiont, and Birthright all stand out the most to me because it proves that you don't need to constrict yourself to one genre to generate seamless structure and beautiful sound, I strive every single time I hop onto a song to make a song that I think Klayton would listen to, and granted I'm not much of a remix artist and not a strictly electronic artist, I feel like with enough hard work, faith, and consistency, Klayton will eventually hear of who I am, and I may get that chance to either collab with him, or at least be one of the artists to represent his label "FiXT". Motionless in White influenced me because their lyrics and breakdowns really, their lyrics may not be original and quote a lot of movies and other songs because Chris Motionless found inspiration in those things, but their lyrics are all about being who you are, and showing your face in the darkest of times, which is a thing I've always been all for, because there is no reason to shelter who you are, and their song ".com pt 2" influenced the breakdown in my song Medusa, the line "Begging for Mercy, but nobody heard me." Behind that is a pattern that flows seamlessly with the vocals, and thus I used nearly the same structure with completely different arrangement and a guitar riff that was nothing like their song behind the breakdown in Medusa.

Marilyn Manson influenced me by who he is as a human, not an artist, his non musical conversations in interviews and on bowling for columbine shows what being a great listener can truly do to benefit your life, so I try to make lyrics based around those ideas I share with him. Tool influenced me more than MIW and Manson though, Maynard's lyrics are so insanely perfect in my eyes, every song can be what you want it to be, like Parabola, you think that song is about religion maybe? I think it's a song about a reminder, that the life we live and the pain we face in the end, will have all faded. A Perfect Circle probably had the most influence in my sound beside Blue Stahli and Celldweller, songs like "The Package", "Pet", "When The Levee Breaks", and "Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums" have a ton of industrial influence in them, but my idea of industrial may differ from everyone elses, I think the idea behind industrial music is using the things in your every day life to make a new noise in your music, for exapmple, counting bodies has a sound that is almost like a paintball gun dry firing with no air or co2 running through it, and I actually use a lot of recorded sounds that I make, like the static of turning on my TV in Wings Of Redemption, and the sound of me punching a speed limit sign to add a background noise to my snare in Medusa.

Considering that Scarlet Harmonies is a new musical influence, what has been the hardest part in getting this to where it is at now?

Truly the hardest thing of getting to where I am now was learning the ins and outs of my prefered DAW to make my sounds, and learning the software that I use, I personally use FL Studio, which ever version is the latest at the time, currently I'm running FL Studio 10 Producer Edition to make my music, I used things like Ableton, Sony Acid, Reason 5, and Mixcraft for quite a while, but FL Studio is something I couldn't quit coming back to after attempting to learn the other DAW's because it was much more simple for me to use, and I can pull off things other typical artists can pull off in those other DAW's in a fraction of the time it takes them to, like my EQ slides, it's a couple right clicks away and I have an automation clip for the 4th band on a paramertric EQ, where as they may have to go through and route multiple mixer tracks and cut a sample a hundred times to make the same slide I pulled off in 30-40 seconds of work.

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