Interview: Jack Whitaker of Scarlet Harmonies

I am still not to the point where I am content with my sound, and I never ever will be, because I am always going to grow musically, and I am always going to learn new tricks and new things when making my music. Every single song on Symbiotic Nightmare I have learned a new trick from, it's all about getting annoyed with the same couple seconds over and over until you get the true feeling of completion and moving on to the next step or the next few seconds. And to truly get somewhere, you may have to spend money on things, if you feel you need promotion, set aside money, do something out of the box like I am with The Prelude Vol .1, I'm spending a ton of money to get this 4 song EP out locally, because it will give me more promotion, and that will help to get my name out more than it currently is locally, and word of mouth can get that to be worldwide as well, and eventually, that will pay itself off at the least, or it may pay back 10 fold, the worst you can do is come out even through a method like that is how I see it, so remember: Faith, Consistency, HARD WORK, PROMOTION, being who YOU are and what makes YOUR sound unique, and never slowing down on your work, always, always, ALWAYS work at what you want to accomplish. I haven't spent time with my friends in quite a while because of the movements I am trying to make as an artist, because it will distract me and make me waste time getting to that point, the more time you set aside NOW to do these things, the more time you will have in the future to do the things you didn't do while you were busting ass making a name for yourself, NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE IN! And I promise you will see the results in time with enough work.

Thank you Jack for this chance to chat with you. I deeply hope we can do this again in the very near future.

I hope that we can as well, it was a very great interview, and I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity, thank you very much!



Hunter (Symbiotic Nightmare):

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