Draven Presents Promo: Interviews For All In Music!

For the rest of 2012 we are extending out interviews to those that are part of the music world. This was with the intent of getting the bands a solid opportunity in being heard through an interview and for the visitors of Music Eternal in seeing some of the bands in a new and open light.

Bands have always needed to show who they are and to show what their music is about. Now we are presenting a means for them to do just that. This is a useful resource for bands out there as we will promote the heck out of the interviews, and use them as a means of showing as much as we can about who the band is. This is where we can give the music world a taste of what our interviews are all about.

Not in a band, but part of the music industry? We will still interview you. The music industry as a whole needs to have light shown on it, marketing to show what they do, and to give a unique and positive perspective as to what the individual or group does in the music world. Keep an eye out, we will have tons of interviews to some of your favorite people in music!

Send a bio and the name of your band to draven@musiceternal.com and we will contact you to do an interview.
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