2011 Interview: The Cut

Given your depth of history in the music industry, how does The Cut compare to what you have done in the past?
When I first put my hands on a piano, as a kid, I was overwhelmed with possibility. I first started writing with Roger Jarvis when we met in High School. We had a band called Servo Sector. We were both obsessed with Skinny Puppy, Front 242, A Split Second... actually anything Wax Trax had in their catalog. Lords of Acid was popping up everywhere so we had that kind of sound. Then Kevorkian Death Cycle, which I left and came back to in 1998. The Cut really represents everything I've ever done all mashed together. The main difference is that with The Cut, I focus unapologetically on a pop format. It's a box I enjoy the challenge of existing in at this time.

The Cut's music shows elements that are common in EBM, synthpop, trance, goa, and some of the variations of dance music.
Was this diversity something you sought for or was it something more?

I honestly prefer to listen to albums and not just songs. I'm old-school that way. An album should take you places. I sought to create a diverse project mostly because I like it all: Anything that beeps or kicks or screams is good in my book. But really... it's a deep psychological phobia of being labeled as any "one" thing. As The Cut develops over the next few projects, you will hear more influences coming through. I do have the aggressive intention to surprise listeners with innovative sonic sculptures in a dance format. I haven't even touched my bag of tricks yet. The current project was literally an exploration through my influences. Now that I have it out of my system, I am chomping at the bit to blow up the clubs.

Perhaps one of the biggest differences in EBM music and dance music is in the intro. EBM music traditionally has a longer intro where most dance songs have short intros. The Cut's song intros are neither long nor overly short. Was this something that was planned or incidental in the course of the development of the songs?
Since this album is the debut, I wanted to keep it short, simple and sweet, without a ton of pretense. That's what I think remixes are for anyway.

If you could have three mixes made of The Cut's songs, which three songs would you wish to have done and by whom?
Oh, man. Amon Tobin; Still RestlessBill Leeb; 3BlindwordsDavid Ogilvie; Ricochet

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