2011 Interview: The Cut

The Cut is one of the newest bands in the electronic, synthpop, EBM, electro-industrial, and industrial worlds of music. As the creation of Sean Whitman, The Cut gives a new style to many of the styles of music.

It is a pleasure to have this interview with you Sean.
Thank you, Draven, for having me here.

Many bands strive to standout from other bands. In what way does The Cut stand on its own?
Well, a good friend told me recently that this album is a "musician's" album, meaning the project is focused on slick musicality and complex structures. I believe The Cut has a unique sound at this point which is best described as multi-genre. The signature of the sound is a little electro-pop sugarcoating with a pop-rock crunch and a dark, brooding center. There is a timeless quality to some of what the album presents and that was carefully injected into the DNA of the project from the start because I knew it would be quite awhile before anyone might hear any of it. I tried to stay away from a formulaic "four on the floor" with screaming synths on this project. I love that element in music and you will definitely hear it in future releases, but that is not what The Cut is representing with this release.

The name itself is quite unique with The Cut, how did you develop the name? Is there some special meaning to it?
There are many layers of deeper darker meanings that are more personal, but...Back in 2001, I had just relocated to Seattle from Los Angeles, and I was really just beginning the creative journey that brought me to where I am today. At the time, I was fiddling around with different hybrids of styles and showing them to friends such as, gospel/IDM... Can you imagine? I would just label CD's with "the cut" and have one or two song ideas. A friend of mine was snapping her fingers and shaking her ass to an EBM/R&B type track and said, "Ooh dang, this is the cut, yo!" We all laughed so hard! It just stuck from there.

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