2011 Interview: Roger Jarvis of Hex Rx

Much of the music to HExRx has a very unique structure in that it shows many reflections of moods in the songs. It also shows a special fusion of electro-industrial, EBM, and even ambient. This can be seen in the melodies, the vocals, and even in the lyrics. Countless bands have struggled to approach what you have mastered in these two albums. What advice would you have for bands attempting music in the direction you have presented with HexRx?
  Have an open mind with a narrow goal. Work with as many people and artists as possible and the most important thing…… LOVE WHAT YOU DO! But, when asked if you would do it again the answer should be “NO!”

Some bands prefer to pursue the lyrics and build with those or first the melody and develop from that. What method has been the most effective with the creation of the songs in HexRx?
  It has always been the music first in any of my projects I am working on, or have worked with. I wouldn't be apposed if it were the other way around though.

Everyone has bands that they love to hear; artists commonly mention the bands that gave them the first spark of inspiration into the areas of music they now are in. Are there any bands that have had this impact upon you?
  I remember the day I opened up a magazine and saw a small picture with an article titled "Puppy Love". Skinny Puppy was a large influence on me as well as the old Wax Trax roster.

When do you see the album “E” being released?
  Closer to the end of the year because of the EP and now live tracks that will be released.

How do you see “E” differing from the two previous albums?
  X was a "fuck you" album. D was like choking on dirt and after you swallowed it you realized you’re still hungry. E will be realigning X and D and putting them together for a clean, hard and simple approach to the album. The album will be very rich with textures while driving and pounding the floor harder than we have in the past. Vocally we are going outside of our "box." I have a feeling this one will be my favorite of the 3.

Serial Hex Addict by HexRx

Living On Video by HexRx

Eviscerate by HexRx