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2011 Interview: Roger Jarvis of Hex Rx

Unlike many other bands, you write, compose, and are seen by many as the image of what HexRx is, yet you don’t do the vocals for the band. Is there a reason for this approach?
  Yeah, I’m a shitty singer! I would be a horrible front man because I’m a bit to shy to be a front man. Besides, I think being the man behind the scenes such a Wizard in Wizard of Oz seems more appropriate for my personality. The person that no one really knows.

With the release of “X” you had Taury Goforth perform the vocals and Daemon Noir does the vocals on “D.” With the eventual release of the album “E,” will you be using either of these two for vocals on this album? If not, do you see them having any influence on future albums?
  Yes. Daemon will be the lead vocalist for the album. There will also be other vocalists as well; Ryan, from Kevorkian, being one of them. We are also putting out an EP with Squalor leading the vocals with some remixes and the EP being titled, "Serial Hex Addict".

Have those that have been involved with the vocals and playing the instruments played any deeper role in the development of the songs? If so, what impact have they presented?
  For sure. Nick Viola has a large part in the development and writing the music as well as Daemon. I like having different input because I can take that and go an entire different direction than how the song originally began. It definitely keeps it interesting for me that’s for sure.

Those that have become better versed with HexRx have noticed that the albums are only letter based. Some have speculated that you are either spelling something out something with the letters, using them as an acronym for something bigger, and even more that have figured that you are planning on having releases for each letter of the alphabet. What insight would you be willing to share with your fans?
  Hmmmm. The fans are going to have to hold out on this one… sorry everyone. For me it would be like if someone told me what was inside a gift right before unwrapping it.

Unlike Kevorkian Death Cycle, HexRx has had limited concerts. For those that would love to see you perform, what upcoming concert have you got slated?
  We just played a benefit show for a friend that is still in much need of funds due to medical bills while surviving cancer. My heart is with her. We just played Chicago for the first time EVER. Greg Ripes from Kevorkian Death Cycle was able to come along and do sound for us which help make it even more memorable. Next is Das Bunker Atlanta and after that *Sadisco (Fight Club) which Squalor will be performing as well with us. Those are the only ones booked as of now. There will be more to come!

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