2011 Interview: Roger Jarvis of Hex Rx


HexRx is the creation of Roger Jarvis, one of the key members to the legendary band, Kevorkian Death Cycle.

Hi Roger, it is an honor to have you do this interview.
Thanks Draven, it’s good to talk with you.

It has been mentioned that HexRx was created in 2006. It is never mentioned what the inspiration for forming such a unique band such as this. What was the idea or stimulus to making HexRx?
  The project began to take form while writing a Kevorkian Death Cycle album. For reasons and forces of nature Ryan and myself could not come together to finish the album. I didn't want to sit on the tracks so I decided to do something that I have always wanted to do and that is, make it my OWN. I wanted to do things that I wasn't really able to do with Kevorkian Death Cycle so as luck would have it, I ran with it. The idea was to have multiple artists to bring in on the project but keep one consistent idea while making the albums flow continuously and seamlessly. Time will tell.

Many in the music world love to give labels to what genres a band is. HexRx has been viewed by others as a fusion of Industrial Rock, EBM, and IDM. How do you see the band in terms of style and also any possible genres it most closely associates with?
  I’m glad you asked that. Recently, while playing a show in Chicago, I asked one of our fans how he would label Hex|Rx or what Hex|Rx sounds like to him. The answer, “Really noisy EBM with a melody.” I was fine with that answer because that is exactly what I set out to do. I like to throw different subgenera's into music. I think by doing that you can make somewhat of your "own" sound.

HexRx has an incredibly unique name, what was the inspiration for the name?
  I wanted to keep a medical feel to the name just as Kevorkian Death Cycle did being that Jack Kevorkian is a Dr. I also work in the medical industry so it just feels natural to me.

Serial Hex Addict by HexRx

Living On Video by HexRx

Eviscerate by HexRx