2011 Interview: Leæther Strip

Q: Leæther Strip has had some challenges in the past with labels going defunct. Many of the bands out there often also fall as well. How have you been able to not only keep Leæther Strip alive, but make what have seemed like seamless transitions to other labels?

A: Yeah all that shit made me dump music in my life for 5 years and gave me a deep depression on top of that. I didn't touch a keyboard for almost 5 years back then. The only reason I came back was because of my husband, Kurt, and my label Alfa Matrix, who kept trying to bring me back to my music. In this scene you are very close to the label people, and after a while they turn into family. Then if that all goes to hell and you find out that who you thought was friends for life, was nothing more than a fake arrangement to keep me in line, and they actually stole from me, then it hurts so bad. I got very deep scars from that period of my life.

Q: Where do you envision Leæther Strip going in terms of style of music?

A: I cannot answer that very well. I never sit down and plan how a song is going to sound. I just let it take me to where ever it wants. I cannot run from my roots. I tend to roam around in different styles on my albums and that will continue. A good album for me is one who takes you on a journey that you want to experience over and over again. So that is my main goal with my releases.

I will also have my soundtrack "Dark Passages" out in November. The movie is just about done so I can finally get the music out too.

Q: I know that you are preparing to do a number of concerts. Do you have the label set up the concerts or is this something you are usually more hands-on with?

A: Yes the last 2 years I have played a lot of shows after being away from the stage for 16 years, because of a back problem. The original plan was to play the shows I could get in a 1-year period. But the demand has been huge, so we decided to ride this horse until it doesn't want to ride anymore, or my back problem blows up again. The label has nothing to do with the shows. I don't even have an agent. All the shows goes through me. And so far it's been more than amazing. I am also hoping to get to play in countries I haven't played in before.

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