2011 Interview: Leæther Strip

Q: Many bands make remixes and also have their music remixed as well. Of all the bands out there, Leæther Strip is one of that rare few that has excelled in this. However, what do you like the most: remixing, or having your stuff remixed?

A: I love remixing for other bands when I have the time. It's good for experiments and it inspires me a lot too. It is very time consuming because I only use the vocals from the bands, and create all new music around it. Getting my own songs remixed by others is also nice. When you work alone like I do it's great to hear one's song in a different light. So I can't really pick what I like the most. I've had the luck to get to remix some of my favorite bands in my time. I have just remixed for Ministry. One of my all time favorite songs "Everyday is Halloween". Other highs for me was remixing Gary Numan, Christian Death, Nitzer Ebb. But I always try my best no matter who the band is.

Q: For being a one man project, you have created a huge amount of music. This often entails touring and other toils of the music world. How have you been able to create so much quality music and also still have a personal life?

A: Because I take the music very serious. Its takes most of my time. And because I married a man who brings the bacon, I can dedicate most of my time to the 2nd love of my life. My music.

I doubt that there would be a Leæther Strip or Klutæ today if it wasn't for him. My music is always present in my head no matter what I do or where I am.

This is my life, and not many people understand that.

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