2011 Interview: Leæther Strip

Q: Much of Leæther Strip's music seems to hit many areas of the music world, yet much of it always has a haunting undertone or sometimes even a bit of an aggressive edge. How have you been able to set such a unique mood?

A: When I write the songs, I have no filter and no secrets. I am a very private person in my real life, but in the music I am an open book. Here I can get a release of everything I have one my mind and explore my own mind too. Yes I move a lot on the darker regions of life. I guess that what I need to get out of my system. And I think there is a lot to be angry about in our world.

Q: For a creation like Leæther Strip that has so many unique sounds, do you actually create the sounds themselves or are they part of an instrument/synth set? If you do create them, how what kind of creation process do you undertake?

A: When I started out there was no such thing as a "preset". I had my old moog and a lot of knobs, and I had no idea what they did to the sound I was creating, I just kept on turning the knobs until it matched the sound I had in my head. So I work a lot like that still, like I said I work in a very visual way, like a painter with his brush. So I have most of the sound ideas in my head before I start working on a song. But today there is so many amazing Synths to work with and that just adds to the fun. And that's what the whole songwriting process should be like - Fun.

Q: Much of the music has very powerful messages within it. To many it has sounded personal in nature. Would it be safe to say that it is also an extension of not just Leæther Strip, but also who Claus Larsen is as a person?

A: Yeah I am very personal in most of my songs, I sing about things and experiences I don't even talk to people who are close to me. It's a free room for me to talk and say anything I want without actually hurting the ones I love, and getting it out in my music is therapy for me.

Q: This is where I presume a bit for you have always been one of the nicest guys I have known to date. With how some of your music is direct and even appearing to be hostile at times, do people ever comment to you about the contrast when they actually meet you?

A: Thanks. Yeah I do get the "I never knew you were such a mellow guy" at times. I understand that. I even scare myself at times if I see photos or videos from a show. We all have a dark side. I get mine out in my music, some people with their fists or in other ways, and some numb that side of them with drugs. I am a quiet guy living in the countryside with my husband Kurt and our Dogs, snake and fish. I love the big cities and going to concerts but I need peace and nature around my home.

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