2011 Interview: Attrition

Q: Many artists of music, visuals, and the written word gain direction from inspiration. What kind of things or people have been inspirational for you as an artist?
A: It varies all the time and the most important inspiration is my immediate environment...the people places and events around me and in my life.... the loves and the traumas, the doubts and the pure thrill of the ride...these things we experience every day.... in a lot of ways it is the same for all of us...and these things are what my music reflects.... I think of every album very much as an audio photo album if you like.... capturing a slice of my life... probably the most important part...

Q: Attrition is one of the few bands that has been around from post punk on through to the EBM-Darkwave genres. When people ask what style is Attrition's music, what do you believe best defines it as a whole?
A: Oh god don't ask me ask someone else!.... it can be whatever you want it to be... funny as it has been variously post punk...gothic...industrial...dark wave... dark ambient...dark cabaret...even steam punk recently...!.... I think it best to cut up the boxes :)

Q: Many bands seem to fade without direction. Where do you see Attrition heading in the future?
A: I think we will fade without direction... ;) Actually no.... there is a lot more of the story to unfold.... but I will not set anything in stone.... :)

Q: Is it true that you teach music technology in Coventry? If so, do you have any advice that you give to students that are aspiring artists?
A: I do teach part of the time.... I have done so for many years now... if you aspire to be an artist then you already are one... just know that you must do it because you HAVE to do it... be stubborn...and work bloody hard... and it will make things work for you... eventually the doors will open... and it's not about money...it never was...

Q: If you could perform with any musician or band in known history, who would they be?
A: I have no interest in this really.... I think my favourite artists did very well without me interfering!! :)

Q: Thank you Martin, sorry that these are so many questions. You are one performer that I have always had questions for.
A: NO...thank you for some good questions. I enjoyed it :)

Q: If you would like, maybe we can do another interview in the future as well.
A: Yes of course!

One Horse Rider by Attrition

For Free: In Dark Dreams: 1980-2015 by Attrition