2011 Interview: Angels On Acid

Q: This is a two part question, I hope you don't mind... first part— did you originally devise and shape Angels On Acid to have the variety in styles in its music?
A: Yes, as a producer when I started AOA I wanted to explore all genres in and out of electronic music. I never want this project to be stereotyped. Like all artists my inspiration changes, and with it the music. As I get older I have learned to appreciate more classic artists' willingness to experiment.

Q: Second part— It is rare to see a band go beyond two or even three genres in their style of music. How did you gain the level of understanding and depth of knowledge that you have in music?

A: A lot of our sound has come from my live experimentation. For instance when I write a track I like to have a least 2 version of each track so I can tinker with variation. We will perform these songs live for months before we decide which one is the keeper or take parts from each for an album version. Diversity comes naturally for us.

Q: Thanks Michael for this chance to speak with you and to present these questions to you.
A: Thank you very much for this opportunity. ;) It's great to be able to communicate with our fans!

Haunt Me by Angels On Acid

Undead by Angels On Acid