2011 Interview: Angels On Acid

Q: Have you been surprised with the response that Angels On Acid has had already?
A: Absolutely. There was never any intention for me to bring the band to the public. Any popularity we have gained has been through the help of our loving fans along with Radio, Magazines, Record Labels, Djs, Promoters, and other bands that we have been able to make slow, sure steps forward. We try to stay humble and grounded. Our fans are our inspiration to progressing!

Q: With the release of your new album, are there plans for a tour and if so, will it just be in the states or will you be touring internationally as well?
A: Due to the delay of our release we did alot of touring earlier this spring. But we have continued to play shows throughout the year. Our long term plan is to do another national tour next spring. In the meantime we have a couple of great shows coming up. We will playing with Belle Morte October 29th in Columbus, Ohio and will be performing with Tactical Sekt in Philly November 27th. We're really looking forward to the Tactical Sekt show because this will be their first ever East Coast performance here in the US!

Q: Your music features two styles of vocals: a softer style with melody and another that is synonymous with agrotech. Have you always sang in both styles or was one developed for Angels On Acid?
A: I think my love for melody in music has always been a part of my style. But I have become more open minded to developing the use of melody in our music more as I have become older. We strive to be diverse. As we grow as artists, so will our music.

Q: Most musical artists have something that inspired their love for music and motivated the direction they took. Did you have something akin to this as the initial spark that showed you this was the direction you wanted to pursue?
A: I have always been inspired by dark music. I can also appreciate music that is rather interpretational. For me it's no surprise that family dysfunction, rebellion, struggle, and spiritual growth have shaped me into the man I am today. This is something very humbling about struggle and life experience that everyone can relate to.

Q: Of all the bands Angels On Acid has performed with, have any of them had an impact on the evolution of the band?
A: Not directly. I have performed with Combichrist a few times and I have always been a big Icon of Coil fan. Most of my inspirations other than metal are not here in the US. I'm sure that will change as we start doing international shows.

Haunt Me by Angels On Acid

Undead by Angels On Acid