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Music Eternal was developed as a resource to help market, promote, and give support to the music world. One aspect of this is the profiles that we make for our members (Musical Artists, Labels, and DJs) and our partners (venues, radio stations, promoters, production companies, booking agencies, festivals, etc.). Now we have added a new grouping on Music Eternal.

The new grouping is for Contributors. These are those that pay to have a profile on Music Eternal. These will be integrated into our website which will create a marketing platform, links to the official website and any social medias that the Contributor may have. It will also have a bio page, photos, vitals, and a means for people to see videos of the Contributors (currently only through existing Youtube videos). The profiles will also have a dynamic category listing of each article tied to the contributor (bound by our own custom internal search engine) and to the respective profile's carousel.

On the ground level this method of development will interlink the active Contributor profiles with those of the members. Just as with the members, the more you provide in content will help keep your material on the main page and the respective section pages. If it is related to a member on the site the articles are automatically joined between profiles. If you work with any member of the music world that is not a member, have them join as this is a free service for them. The key in this is that they are constantly providing new fresh content that keeps people coming back and they are one of the anchors in helping Music Eternal and your Contributor profile gain revolving traffic.

Each Contributor profile is given 1 free article each month (200+ words) that will be posted to a minimum of 20 Facebook groups, 2 Facebook pages, 1 VK posting, 1 TSU posting, and 1 tweet on both of the Music Eternal Twitter accounts. The dates, times, and URLs will be provided when each is posted.


Available Contributor Packages:


Base Contributor Package
$50.00 USD*



* Each Contributor profile will have a monthly fee of $10 USD after the first month.

Any additional articles requested will be subject to the Music Eternal Social Networking rates. If the article is related to an existing Member and/or Partner of Music Eternal then the article is free of charge.


To make a purchase of a Contributor profile in the Music Eternal framework, please do the following additional steps:

    1. Send an e-mail to with

                    a. Graphics, please include:

                           i.   one image greater than 450x450 to use Facebook's thumbnail ability properly)
                           ii.  brand images (banner, brand icon, etc.)

                    b. URLs to official website and all social media websites

                    c. URLs to videos on Youtube that you wish to have on the profile

                    d. Preferred date, time, and group you would like to have this posted.
                       A full list of groups can be furnished upon request (with urls).

                    e. If purchased through a third party, please list them in the subject line of the e-mail.

Please allow up to 24 hours for the marketing to begin. We will send you a link to the page on Music Eternal, times it will be posted, and the names (and urls) of the groups on Facebook the article will be posted in.

NOTE: These marketing articles will be added to the process that Music Eternal uses for its own content and marketing.
             This is where your advertising will literally be utilizing one part of our marketing for yourself.
             Once you have made a payment for one of these packages the rates are considered locked at time of payment.
             All transactions are final.

Addendum: We do not accept Contributors that are adult in nature, malware, or URL hijacking. The links provided will be checked no less than once and up to 5 times to ensure that the links are stable and legit. Violation of this addendum will result in termination of specific advertising campaign.

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