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The Forum

The Forum may seem different in design, and there is many reasons for this. The first is that The Forum is not just a forum like you would find on other websites. It is actually a series of interfaces that are bound to a forum structure. These interfaces are all linked to each person's profile on Facebook where what you post on The Forum also appears on your page.

The purpose of The Forum is not to just have another simple forum on a website, but to have something that links to your world and everyone else's worlds. Just as Facebook  has been the social network to hold friends and families together, The Forum embraces that and focuses on  bind every person to the thread in The Forum together. 

There is a drill down design in The Forum where you can take a Category to comment on, or drill down to a Topic, or even drill down further into a SubTopic. Each of these have been designed where people can create topics and Subtopics to suit their needs, to add events, or to just have a place to chat with our or about our members. Facebook had a way to link you to your friends and family, we took it one step further with Facebook to link you to all the music world.


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