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Headline Stories

Headline Stories is one of the unique presentations of where we pay tribute to the members of Music Eternal.


Many artists make remakes of songs, fans make compilations, and others make remixes. Headline Stories is in the same lines of expressionism, but in an approach never fathomed. Each title to a respective album is part of an overall story. The theme is dictated by the titles themselves as the story is developed. This gives a different approach to the songs and gives an impression to the titles alone that could give an extra light to some of the songs.


Headline Stories is a concept that was inspired by one Zia, and has been developed into something that will serve many needs in one powerful punch. It is an artistic means of sharing our members creations and a new approach that can give a breath of life to albums that may otherwise be forgotten. It is also where we can have another method of marketing the albums of our members to the world.


They say that any news is good news. It is even better when it is a gift of homage and where we doing something extra to give thanks to the members while spreading the word of their artistic genius.


Click here if you would like to see Headline Stories firsthand!

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