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EDN has been one of the first parts of Music Eternal that was developed after the very first launch of the site. EDN is an acronym that stands for Electronic Daily News, it is also a play on the word Eden. This is where the logo, "Our Side Of EDN" applies. We give a diverse and unique approach to the content on the site and in the world. The key distinguishing feature is that all the information will always be neutral or positive in nature. There is enough mud-slinging in the media medium, and we prefer to show what is out there in a method that will make you leave knowing, but also not in a negative frame of mind.


Many have wondered with the EDN releases why they are set up with a cobble road of  images. This is the table of contents and is designed to show you in one picture what the article is about. They say that a picture can say it all, we are striving to have our table of contents to prove that in EDN. It also makes it where that group of articles are easily visible for those that don't want to spend time sifting through a long list of articles.


One big change in the EDN format has been the limitation of past EDN releases listed on the upper left side of each EDN article. This is not  to hide anything as everything is visible in the sitemap. The goal was to have the last 3 months worth of content at your finger tips without compromising on a simple and  direct approach. Below these EDN releases is a more traditional breakdown of the articles and their headlines for that respective EDN you are viewing.


We hope that EDN is something you will enjoy and will return to many times through the course of any given month, week, or even day.

Click here if you would like to see EDN firsthand!

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