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Draven's Music Anthology

Draven has been DJing in clubs, FM radio, festivals, raves, and Internet Radio for two decades.  In this time one of his hallmarks has been always bring new and unknown music to the listeners. This has generated a growing list of people asking for the music in his collection. In the past that was flattery and a good way to talk about the bands, but as his shows have grown so have the requests.


Now with a daunting collection of music that only a fraction can be found on iTunes or on Discogs, the need for a section like Draven's Music Anthology has become more evident. As we gradually add the millions of albums in his collection into Draven's Music Anthology we also add vital info on the bands and also will be providing a number of resources where you can buy the music. The  goal is to help connect the fans with the music they have experienced first-hand.


The links provided in Draven's Music Anthology are all legal means of purchasing the music. We will be  scouring 300 different locations on the Internet for purchases. The purpose is to help ensure that you can find the best deal on the music and also have a reliable source of music that may be unavailable where you live.

Click here if you would like to see Draven's Music Anthology firsthand!

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