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Draven Presents

Prior to Music Eternal, Draven Taylor spent a good amount of time in various areas of the music world. One of these was doing interviews for a number of medias in the music industry. Using these skills he spearheads this feature of Music Eternal.

Draven was the first of those that we have that  interview the members of the music world, but now he isn't the only one. Both Music Eternal and Draven are proud to present the growing number of interviews that our staff partake in. Most will be of the members of this site, but we will also do special interviews with other members of the music world.

What makes Draven Presents truly unique is that each of the member interviews are tied to their profiles for ease in finding them. These interviews are also one of the countless tools we use in helping the fans know what the members are like, what they do, and what makes them truly tick.


We also hold to the belief that any interview should be catered to giving the best light to the artist we interview. None of these are cookie cutter and each interview is focused on letting the best aspects of the artist shine.

Click here if you would like to see Draven Presents firsthand!

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