The Legacy Of Prince

Perhaps the one thing that could rival his impressive vocals was his skill in musical instruments. As a musician he was skilled in drums, percussion, synths, keyboards, and has been viewed as one of the true masters of the guitar. Many of his performances with the guitar have been considered to be a modern representation of the bond that Jimi Hendrix had. In the course of his musical career he has been credited in knowing how to use and performing with 27 different musical instruments.

Some in the music world credit Prince as being one of the musicians that laid the direction for many of the Electronic genres of music. His creative freedom in creating impressive songs in multiple genres was not only good for him as an artist, but these songs were huge inspirations to other musicians. Many of these artists would push boundaries in their respective genres and create new directions in music that may have otherwise been over looked.

The music world in the area of copyrights also lost a key figure in the passing of Prince. He has been involved with lawsuits against YouTube, Universal Music Publishing Group, and in presenting information to the legal circles of the music world. He was very out spoken in the rights of the artists and their ownership of their music. He may have taken it a bit to the extreme in many respects as he sued fans, but he was someone that was pushing for reform in how the rights of artists and their music should be dealt with by many of the social media giants of the world. These were battles that are still ongoing, but only time will tell if his impact will be carried on by other members of the music community to ensure that the musicians are respected legally for the creations they have labored to make.

At the tender age of 57, Prince passed away. It has been initially presented that it was due to a viral illness he had been fighting for some time. How he died doesn’t matter, how he lived and the legacy he has created does. Global tours over 4 decades, 2 television appearances, roles in 4 films, multiple chart shattering multi-platinum releases , soundtracks to multiple films, and influences in multiple genres of music. These are the things that all combine into the career of Prince Rogers, a boy from Minneapolis that grew up to be a legend.

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